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Wurtsboro Canal Trail

Sponsored by Mamakating Local Development Corp.

  • Location: New York
  • Travel Type: Walking/Cycling
  • Trip Time: 1 hour
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About This Tour

Smart Beavers

Giant Sycamores

Welcome to Mamakating, where history meets adventure! This section of the D&H Canal takes you approximately 1.4 miles from Sullivan Street in the town of Wurtsboro to Lead Mine Road. The South/Southwestern most point on this section of the Canal trail is the Village of Wurtsboro, NY, population around 1,300. The original name for Wurtsboro was Rome, reportedly because European settlers generously counted the peaks around the village. The name was used until around 1812 when it was renamed after the Wurts Brothers who started the D&H Canal Company. 

This trail follows the remains of the canal that ran from 1828 until 1899 carrying mostly anthracite coal from Honesdale, Pennsylvania to Kingston, New York where it would be ferried down the Hudson River and sold into New York City. In this section of the canal you will experience natural beauty just steps from the small bustling main street in the village. This is a great trail for birdwatching, identifying a diverse range of flora, and is a peaceful, easy walk.  

You should have your phone/camera, a compass or a Compass App, insect repellent, and drinking water as you begin this hike. The hike is smooth, soft and enjoyable as it consists mostly of the tow path, or the path a young person and mule would tow a large boat.  Easy parking is available on Pine Street across from the firehouse.

At the end of this audio tour, the Canal trail continues North towards Summitville or you also have the option of turning right towards the Shawangunk Mountains and taking the Mamakating Rail trail back to Sullivan Street.

Tour Sponsors
This tour is sponsored by the Mamakating Local Development Corporation (MLDC). Established in 2017 it exists to positively and significantly impact the economy of the town of Mamakating, its citizenry, and businesses, through encouraging ecotourism, the purchase of second homes, patronage of existing town businesses and facilities, and appreciation of local arts and crafts, while creating an environment for new business attraction and development that at once preserves the coveted rural nature, history, conservation, ecological and human diversity of the area.

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About This Tour

Smart Beavers

Giant Sycamores