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Spring Creek Nature Trail Eco-Tour

Sponsored by Bayou Land Conservancy

  • Location: Texas
  • Travel Type: Walking/Cycling
  • Trip Time: 1 hour
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Welcome to the Spring Creek Nature Trail TravelStorys EcoTour, brought to you by Bayou Land Conservancy, Union Pacific, and Repsol.

This audio tour tells stories about preserving land to benefit the flora, fauna, and Texan communities as you meander along Spring Creek. As you hike or bike along the route, you'll be able to see both Spring Creek and its tributaries.

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Spring Creek is an essential waterway as it is the boundary between Harris and Montgomery counties, and it's vital for our communities' health. Spring Creek flows to the east into the San Jacinto River, which then flows into Lake Houston. Lake Houston is a significant source of drinking water for the greater Houston area. This means conserving the wetland habitats of Spring Creek directly benefits the water that fills your drinking glass.

Along the tour, you will learn about the many ecological and economic functions of wetlands and floodplains. You will also see how an old golf course was turned into a wetland and community water resource!

The trail winds through wildlife and plant habitats. You will find out what one local mammal, the beaver, has in common with the Olympic Gold Medalist Michael Phelps! Learn about the over one-hundred species of trees, native and invasive plants, and animal species.

You will hear stories about the lifestyles and diets of the Akokisa and the Bidai American Indian tribes who lived here before European Settlement.

Tour Sponsors
Bayou Land Conservancy spearheaded the creation of the Spring Creek Nature Trail alongside our community partners to provide much-needed access to local outdoor spaces. As part of the Harris and Montgomery County Preserve, this area is unique for its flora and fauna and its place in conservation history. Texas' public trails, parks, and preserves are precious community resources.

Bayou Land Conservancy began its mission of land preservation in 1996, inspired by Terry Hershey, a local environmental hero. We preserve land next to streams for flood control, clean water, and wildlife. We do this by working with willing landowners to have peace of mind knowing their land will stay natural forever! We hope you enjoy our tour of Spring Creek.

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