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Nine Mile Canyon

Sponsored by Carbon County Office of Tourism

  • Location: Utah
  • Travel Type: Driving
  • Trip Time: 2 hours
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About This Tour

Ant Hills & Shark Teeth

Come along with us on this audio tour of Nine Mile Canyon and the Carbon Corridor. Nine Mile Canyon has one of the country's most amazing collections of prehistoric rock art created by the Archaic, Fremont, and Ute people. The varied styles of rock art and evidence discovered by archeologists show that this area has been home to Native Americans for thousands of years. The canyon, which is actually 46 miles long, is also home to historical ranches and structures that tell fascinating stories of the region's past residents.

As you drive, this GPS-triggered tour will point out the important rock art site such as the Big Buffalo site, the Great Hunt Panel, the Coyote Placing the Stars site, all of which make up part of a larger story of prehistoric culture in southeastern Idaho.

The surrounding towns, communities, and recreational opportunities along Highway 6 and Route 123 make up what is known as the Carbon Corridor. This corridor is primely located close to unparalleled outdoor adventure in the San Rafael Swell, Tavaputs Plateau, and Wasatch Plateau, and on the way to most major southeast Utah attractions, including Arches, Canyonlands, Lake Powell, and more. Highway 6 is also part of the Dinosaur Diamond Prehistoric Highway, which is a National Scenic Byway.

Each community in the Carbon Corridor offers a variety of amenities and experiences that enhance any excursion.

This tour is presented by the Carbon County Office of Tourism.

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About This Tour

Ant Hills & Shark Teeth