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Cody to Yellowstone

Sponsored by Buffalo Bill Center of the West

  • Location: Wyoming
  • Travel Type: Driving
  • Trip Time: 1.5 hour
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Tour Introduction

Buffalo Bill Dam

Cody Mural

This tour will take you on a scenic drive between Cody, Wyoming, and Fishing Bridge Yellowstone National Park, passing through Wapiti, Sylvan Pass, the East Entrance to Yellowstone, and Yellowstone Lake.

If we had to choose one word for the route, it'd be "dramatic"! This region is packed with fascinating stories--from Mother Nature's spectacular, rumbling, steaming landscapes to fantastic human engineering accomplishments and the wildly entertaining feats of local legend "Buffalo Bill" Cody.

You'll travel along the Buffalo Bill Cody Scenic Byway following US Highways 14, 16, and 20 through the Shoshone National Forest, the scenic Wapiti Valley, and the North Fork of the Shoshone River.

As you wind your way along the Shoshone River, hear about the lifestyles of the Shoshone and Crow Native Americans and the first federal water reclamation project that created the Buffalo Bill Dam. All the while, keep an eye out for the abundant wildlife that inhabits this area. Have your camera ready to snap pictures of deer, elk, bighorn sheep, eagles, bison, and, if you're lucky, maybe even a grizzly bear.

The tour takes you through popular areas for outdoor recreation such as McCullough Peaks, Mount Washburn, and Sleeping Giant Ski and Zipline Area. In addition, you will hear stories about the historical structures still standing along the route today—Pahaska Tepee, Wapiti Ranger Station, and the Dr. Seussian Smith Mansion.

It tells stories of the regional geology such as the mystery behind the 300 million old rocks at the summit of Heart Mountain, one of the most iconic landmarks in Park County. While also educating you on historical lessons and memories of Heart Mountain Relocation Center.

Learn about Buffalo Bill and his wild west shows at Cody Stampede Rodeo while passing through the picturesque town of Cody, Wyoming. You can further explore the historic downtown on foot--and we highly recommend it--with the TravelStorys app's Historic Downtown Cody Walking Tour.

Today's tour can be enjoyed from the comfort of your car or home. Still, back in the early days, there were stopping points for visitors on this route traveling by wagon, train, and stagecoach. Hear how the road has changed from a grueling multi-day trip to what you will experience today.

Tour Sponsors
This tour is brought to you by the Park County Travel Council, Buffalo Bill Center of the West and the generous donation from the Nielson family. Local historian and photographer, Mack Frost, narrates.

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Tour Introduction

Buffalo Bill Dam

Cody Mural