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Paddling the Abbott Marshlands

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Wild rice, pickerelweed, frogs, and great blue herons are just a few of many species that are dependent on the unique features that wetlands provide.

About This Tour

Welcome to the Abbott Marshlands, Central New Jersey's premier destination for 13,000 years. Once home to Native Americans, colonists, and royalty, it is a site steeped in history and etched with the lore of those who came before us – a land where wildlife and people flourish side by side.

D&R Greenway Land Trust is proud to present this paddling tour of the Abbott Marshlands' scenic waterways. The Abbott Marshlands are 3,000 acres of open space and bodies of water tucked between the Delaware River, Trenton, Hamilton Township, and Bordentown Township.

The Atlantic Ocean tidal freshwater marshes found along Crosswicks Creek and Watson's Creek are among the most productive ecosystems in the world, rivaling tropical rainforests in the amount of plant production each year. This marsh hosts an abundance of plant and animal life, as well as a rich history of human inhabitance.

On the paddling and walking tours, you will pass by the historic D&R Canal, the site of Joseph Bonaparte's Point Breeze Estate, and bluffs that have sustained human life for 13,000 years. You will hear about the archaeological excavations here, one of the most important in New Jersey. As you paddle, listen for the train at Crosswicks Creek and learn the history of this railroad inspired by the American Revolution.

The diverse habitats of the Abbott Marshlands are critical environments where you can encounter more than 730 species of plants, 234 species of birds, and many fishes, reptiles, amphibians, mammals, and insect species. Keep your eyes peeled for sunning turtles, swooping bald eagles, and swaying stems of wild rice.

The marsh has an immense tidal range of 9 feet, so make sure to check the tide charts before heading out on your journey!

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D&R Greenway's mission is to preserve and care for land and inspire a conservation ethic, now and for the future. D&R Greenway has worked tirelessly with state and local partners since the 1990s to preserve nearly 200 acres of naturally and culturally critical land in the Abbott Marshlands.

This tour was made possible by funding from the William Penn Foundation and is narrated by local experts Linda Mead, Kelly Rypkema, Mike MacEwan, and Gregory Lattanzi.

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