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Black Diamond Byway

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Wyoming 45 minutes

In the early 20th century, more than a half dozen coal mines employed the majority of residents in the greater Sheridan area.

About This Tour

Located in the Powder River Basin, Sheridan holds the richest deposit of coal in the world. Often referred to as Black Diamonds, coal from this region is low in sulphur and rich in energy, making it highly coveted, and highly profitable.

Travel the Black Diamond Byway with Senator Dave Kinksey as your guide. Visit the remnants of coal camps and hear first-hand accounts from those who grew up in the coal towns. The polka music in this tour is recorded from Sheridan’s polish language radio station KWYO.

This tour was created in partnership with the Sheridan Community Land Trust, with contributions from Sheridan Travel and Tourism, the Wyoming State Historic Preservation Office and the University of Wyoming School of Energy Resources. Sheridan Community Land Trust focuses on preserving working ranches open spaces, wildlife habitat, and historic sites, as well as increasing recreational opportunities in Sheridan County. The Wyoming State Historic Preservation Office documents, preserves and promotes Wyoming’s heritage.

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Mining Communities

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Monarch Townsite

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