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Historic Hudson River Towns

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New York 2 hours

Driving through 16 Hudson River Communities

About This Tour

This tour is designed to lead you across the new Gov. Mario M. Cuomo Bridge and through many of the charming riverfront communities on both sides of the Hudson. The main routes we’ll be following are Route 9 on the east side of the river, from Yonkers to Peekskill, and Route 9W on the west side from Nyack to the Bear Mountain Bridge.

Just north of New York City, the Historic Hudson River Towns tour follows the Hudson River as it flows past our 16 towns and villages. We’ll be telling you about the Native American tribes who once lived in this area, the colonial estate owners who amassed great fortunes and land holdings, the strategic role the region played in the Revolutionary War, how the industrial revolution affected our riverfronts and both the families and fictional characters that are part of this region’s cultural heritage. But this tour is not all about the past. We also want you to get a sense of contemporary life in our charming Hudson River towns that have stories to share as you travel on Routes 9 and 9W and explore their downtown main streets.

This tour is presented by the members of the Historic Hudson River Towns and funded by the NY Bridge Project and the New York State Thruway Authority, with participation from Scenic Hudson and the Palisades Interstate Park Commission. A special note of thanks Mercy College for providing technical support.

Sample Stories

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Dale Cemetery

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Downtown Briarcliff Manor

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