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TravelStorys is a mobile app with a mission to connect people to place. In 2012 Story Clark, a renowned land conservationist, founded TravelStorys as a tool to showcase the value of open spaces so that we might preserve those places for future generations.  The scope of Travelstorys has expanded to include historic locations, scenic byways, river walks, paddling tours and many more.  As the app grows, the stories evolve, but the heart of the app remains the same. No matter the location, TravelStorys connects people with the places that sustain us all. Because if people connect, they might care. If they care, they might act.   

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The New York Times

36 Hours in Birmingham

Red Mountain, a ridge named for its rust-colored hematite ores, was once the force behind Birmingham’s prosperity. Until the 1,500-acre grounds opened as the nonprofit Red Mountain Park in 2011, the ridge lay untouched after mining ceased in 1962. Today you can explore its 15-mile trail system that threads together panoramic views, tree houses and former mines. To enrich your hike, download the free TravelStoryGPS app to listen to former miners, park rangers and other interviewees share stories about life in Alabama’s Appalachia region.

Deseret News

Hands-on lesson for fourth-graders

The Nature Conservancy launched a new guided audio tour of the Great Salt Lake Shorelands Preserve with the TravelStorys GPS phone application. “We get lots of requests for guided tours and there’s just not enough of us to come out here every day to do guided tours,” Andrea Nelson said. “We thought, ‘Lots of people have smartphones these days, so why not create a tool where they could use their own phone to take a tour?'”

JH News & Guide

TravelStorys unveils 7 new Wyo. tours

It would be easy to drive past many of structures and sights in Wyoming without a second thought. But with the TravelStorys app on your smart phone, it’s difficult to resist stopping to listen to tales about Gillette’s “infamous” mayor Roy Montgomery, Buffalo Bill and the other characters associated with the historic Sheridan Inn, or Meeteetse’s “Cardboard Hilton,” as narrated by former U.S. Sen. Alan Simpson, whose grandfather, William L. Simpson, dispensed justice the old-fashioned way. The Wilson-based start up  unveiled seven new tours last month.

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