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Southern Wyoming
Mode of Travel
Historic Mine Byway
Trip Time
Up to 40 minutes

Green River, Wyoming has “the largest and purest known deposit of trona in the world!”

Wyoming’s top overseas export, trona is processed into soda ash and is used in nearly every commercial product today. Though most commonly used in glass, soda ash, and as an ingredient in baking soda, it is also found in ramen noodles, vegetable oil, antacids, fire extinguishers, glue, toothpaste, and more. Learn about the origin of trona dating back to 45-55 million years ago and how the discovery of trona in Sweetwater County occurred in a surprising way.

The Trona Trail Historic Mine Byway has been developed in and around the town of Green River. Trona Trail is part of the Historic Mine Trail and Byway Program, an initiative of the Wyoming Legislature that is managed by the Wyoming State Historic Preservation Office. The mission of the Historic Mine Trail and Byway Program is to identify historic mine locations within the state of Wyoming and to designate trails through them.

This tour was created in partnership with the Wyoming State Historic Preservation Office with contributions from the Wyoming Cultural Trust Fund, National Park Service, and Wyoming Office of Tourism. Within the tour, you will find opportunities to support, instrumental in providing historic images and generating the narrative for this tour. encourages exploration of Wyoming and its past by building and maintaining a permanent, interactive encyclopedia of Wyoming history as an ongoing project of the Wyoming State Historical Society.

Thanks to Ben Winship for providing music to accompany the wonderful stories along this route.