Highway of Legends

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Colorado 2 hours

Experience the Legends of Spanish Peaks Country

About This Tour

Travel beneath the iconic Spanish Peaks on the Highway of Legends Scenic Byway. This loop will take you up into the mountains at 10,000 feet and down into the flat plains.You’ll drive through historic cities and towns, former mining camps, and even a few ghost towns.

You’ll find out about the ancient geologic changes that have formed the surrounding landscape over millennia. You’ll hear tales of the old West, with its covered wagon trains and gun battles.

You’ll also learn about the coal and steel production that built America… starting right here in Huerfano County. And – you’ll hear about the people who made it happen: coal miners, union laborers, and the mighty Mother Jones – the most dangerous grandmother in America. And of course, you’ll hear about the native people, and the lives they lived here. There’ll be legends, ghost stories, and even a few rumors. And finally – you’ll hear tips about local hikes, museums, and parks where you can stop to stretch your legs.

This audio tour is brought to you by the Huerfano Tourism Board, and made possible by a grant from the Colorado Tourism Office.

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New Elk Mine and Vigil

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